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Founder’s Message

Mr. Bharat Suri,
Founder and Director at
Blossoms and Neev Schools.

Every child possesses the potential to become a master of his/ her own choices, irrespective of political and physical boundaries. What is needed is cultivation of good morals and guidance towards the right path to fulfil his/ her dream.

The desire to create such a platform has been a family’s visualization and dates back to the year 1939, when my grandfather started the first school in my mother’s and aunt’s name. 1947 drew lines and unfortunately the maiden venture remained on the other side of the boundary. Building on this idea and carrying his legacy forward, here I am 80 years later, nurturing institutions in India to make Education- a phenomenon for all.

I strongly believe that “Education commences with the inception of life”. Right from the embryo state to the state of mortality, one never grows out of learning. To add to this big spectrum of wisdom, I laid the foundation of my first school- “Blossoms- Sushant Lok”, in the year 2003. The inception was tough, with its own upheavals; however I let not any hurdle stop me and fulfil this vision of mine. After successfully instituting Blossoms- Sushant Lok, the aspiration to give back to the society, not just to the privileged ones but to the masses as well, grew by leaps and bounds. This desire led to the foundation of Blossoms- Palam Vihar, our second primary school in Gurgaon. However there was still a void, which was filled with Uthaan. Uthaan was another initiative in Palam Vihar, which was and is dedicated to expose children with bare minimum amenities to education, so that they can grow up into responsible individuals who can provide better lifestyle to their families.

Now, with changing times, education methodologies, years of rich experience, an indepth knowledge of all the nuances of the industry and the intricate needs of the sector, it is time to expand my wings and move into bigger dimensions. Neev- The foundation School, happens to be the first venture, in this new orbit that races with the modern times’ methods and techniques of instruction. Anticipating the same trajectory as that of Blossoms- I am quite hopeful that there would be no looking back with Neev- The Foundation Schools as well.