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Dr. Vandana Verma
Nutritionist and Physiotherapist

Dr.Vandana is a qualified nutritionist in Gurgaon and is featured on the cover page of doctor’s hub for her numerous achievements in the field of Health and Nutrition.

She has been enthusiastically working with children for last 8 years. She not only coaches them on topics like, the importance of healthy eating but also, inspires them to consume a balanced diet to stay away from illness of any kind.

Dr.Vandana is associated with a website that covers all aspects on Child- Mother Health management. She has successfully treated kids suffering from obesity through her customized diet plans and counselling sessions.

Apart from, Dr. Vandana also blogs, writes articles, give interviews and conducts seminars for numerous corporates like Ernst and Young, a Big 5 company, Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Health Food chain like Raw Leaf, Eatonomist and many others.

With Neev- The Foundation School, she would be taking care of the general health of our school children and their nutritional intake by personally monitoring the meal planners. Apart from that she would be conducting seminars for the parents and take them through the gamut of queries pertaining to child’s health from toddlerhood to teenage years, at regular intervals.